Emerson Society

Virtual Emerson Society Panels, 2021

In lieu of meeting at ALA in Boston, the Society will be pre-recording two virtual panel sessions on Saturday, June 5th, at 10:00 a.m. EST.

We invite all members of the Society and other interested Emersonians to attend virtually. Each session will include a Q&A session.

To register email:

[email protected]

Panel Details are:

Emerson and Health

Chair: Joseph Urbas, Université Bordeaux Montaigne

  1. ” ‘I seem to have lost a beautiful estate’: Reading death, childhood, and property in Emerson’s ‘Experience’ and ‘Threnody,’ ” Kristina West, University of Reading
  1. ” ‘Scene painting and counterfeit’: Performing Grief in Emerson’s Elegiac Writing and George Saunders’s Lincoln in the Bardo,” Georgia Walton, University of Leeds
  1. “Beauty in Nature as Health for the Soul: Emerson’s Poetics of Givenness,” J. Edward Hackett, Southern University and A&M College
  1. “Get Health: Emerson, Health, and Cultural Pathologies,” Stephen Rachman, Michigan State University

Emerson Studies Now: A Roundtable Discussion

Chair: Bonnie O’Neill, Mississippi State University

  1. “Editing the Oxford Handbook of Ralph Waldo Emerson,” Christopher Hanlon Arizona State University
  1. ” ‘A Future Worthy of the Past’: Emerson’s Poetic Thinking,” Michael Jonik, University of Sussex
  2. ” ‘Where Do We Find Ourselves?’: Provocations for Emerson Studies Now,” Prentiss Clark, University of South Dakota
  1. “Reconsidering Emerson’s Critique of Busybodies in an Age of Scholarly Activism,” Joseph Urbas, Université Bordeaux Montaigne