Call for Submissions Transparent Eyeball Series Three

The Ralph Waldo Emerson Society Transparent Eyeball blog seeks mixed media submissions for Series Three.

We welcome submissions from undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, independent scholars, early career as well as established scholars, artists, activists, and the general public.

Submissions may include any combination of visual, audio, text-based material that engages with Emerson and the innumerable circles of conversation in which he participated and in which we continue to find him. We especially encourage submissions that in some way address Emerson and aesthetics, the visual arts, music, film, architecture, and/or soundscapes.

Submissions will be reviewed by members of the Ralph Waldo Emerson Society Media Committee and may be returned to applicants with suggested revisions. Please submit your Transparent Eyeball contributions to — with the subject line “Series Three” – no later than 17 May 2021.