Virtual Emerson Society Panels

In lieu of meeting at ALA in San Diego, the Society will be hosting two virtual panel sessions this Friday, May 22, at 8:30 a.m. EST & 10:00 a.m. EST. To register email

Panel Details are:

Emerson and Resistance, 1: Politics, Religion, and Literature (8:30 am EST at Zoom link above)

Chair: Susan L. Dunston, New Mexico Tech

1.”Legacies of Resistance: Emerson, Buddhism, and Richard Wright’s Pragmatist Poetics,” Anita Patterson, Boston University

2.”Emerson’s Translation: An Act of Resistance, “Sarah Khalili Jahromi, Université Paris Sorbonne

3.”‘The Health of the Eye Seems to Demand a Horizon: Emersonian Resistance in Frederick Douglass’s Narrative,” Regina Yoong, Ohio University

4.”Emerson and Reconstruction,” Christopher Hanlon, Arizona State University


Emerson and Resistance, 2: Philosophy and Culture (10:00 am EST at Zoom link above)

Chair: Anita Patterson, Boston University

1.”The Ethics of Resistance: Emerson on Self-Reliance and Toni Morrison on Self-Regard,” Susan L. Dunston New Mexico Tech

2.”Shifting Paradigms: A Cultural Context for Emerson’s Racism and Abolitionism, “Leslie Brownlee, University of California Davis

3.”Why Ralph Waldo Emerson Should be Seen as a Eudaimonist Philosopher of Virtue Ethics,” Christopher Prozenheim, Georgia State University

4.”Whim at Last? Stanley Cavell on Emerson’s Resistance to Pragmatism,” David Heckerl, Saint-Mary’s University