Emerson and/in the Arts – CFP – ALA May 24-27, 2018, San Francisco

Emerson and/in the Arts

The Ralph Waldo Emerson Society is sponsoring two panels at the 2018 ALA in San Francisco, on the theme ‘Emerson and/in the Arts.’ As an essayist and a poet Emerson is, of course, a literary artist in his own right. But how have the other Arts seen Emerson or drawn on his influence? We invite presentations on ‘Emerson and/in the Arts’. These might consider depictions of Emerson or Emersonianism in fiction, music, the fine arts or cinema. We would also welcome presentations that would investigate the significance of Emerson’s aesthetics for the Arts broadly conceived. Also welcome would be presentations that explore the wider Transcendentalist movement and its place in the Arts.


E-mail 300 word abstracts to David Greenham (david.greenham@uwe.ac.uk) by Jan. 12, 2018. Membership in the Emerson Society is required of presenters.